Love caught them by surprise. Jay, a licensed clinician with a national consulting practice; Julie, a model, and professional entertainer. It was a fairytale courtship beyond what either ever expected; a true love affair nothing could ever take away… so they thought.

Then something happened that destroys most marriages. Their vows ended in the aftermath of Jay’s devastating affair, Julie’s cancer diagnosis and a painful divorce bringing the fairytale to an abrupt end. But the love that started at Full Moon Café ten years earlier was about to surprise them both. With the trappings of their lifestyle stripped away, and through the raw disclosure of how they failed one another in marriage, they met again in
brazen honesty. Dr. Jay and Julie Kent-Ferraro found life-altering love and true relational fulfillment after an affair and divorce. In this candidly disturbing true love story, Jay and Julie reveal what went wrong, and through love and learning, what went incredibly right.

Surprised by Love is a true story; an epic narrative with passion, contradiction, tragedy and heart breaking candor of a real couple boldly sharing step-by-step their affair process and recovery.

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“Jay, are you having an affair?” I asked.
“Where’d you get a crazy idea like that?” he said as he shook his head in
Tall, dark, and handsome in his orange polo shirt and stylish jeans, he looked
like a winner. Why then, did I sense we were on the verge of great loss?
It was a warm, sunny day that felt cold and cloudy. I’d driven Jay in his sparkling
white Escalade to the Tulsa airport.
On that first Thursday of September,
all that had been bright and shiny in our marriage seemed to have turned dark
and tawdry.

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